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Naked Friend's Birthday Party With Masks & Confetti

Imagine going to a place where wearing clothing is not required. A place where families can come together and enjoy a day unlike any other. Indoor or out, summer or snow, friends shed it all for a different kind of living. A life free of crippling social inhibitions with no need for repressive clothing. Explore pure nudism to witness naturists practice what they preach. Browse. Observe. Learn. Become part of this growing lifestyle!

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Talking to Your Friends (Naked Experiences) 

Jaak & Friends

Talking to friends about naturism was strange at first, but a lot of my friends think the idea is really good (even if they don't want to try). I've managed to convince a few of them (fairy easily I might add) to come out and give naturism a try at our clothing optional swim. Basically I just listened to their concerns and answered them with as much information as possible, without trying to run the conversation. I'd let them do most of the talking. As for introducing the idea to them, I found it easiest to drop little hints or raise questions in a joking manner. For example, at a house party where people are in a hot tub (Hey, why don't we just get naked!) and then just fill people in with info from there. Or the tradition, "Have you ever tried or thought about trying skinny dipping?" It was a little weird bringing the idea up with female friends. It's kind of strange to to tell your female friends to come out and try being nude with you without seeming kind of creepy. Talking to them about bathing nude or having a nude sauna and how good it feels (if they have no experience) seems to be a good place to start. That way they can get comfortable with naturism on their own terms. Telling my experience with naturism seemed to work really well too. I still can't believe that in high school I didn't feel comfortable taking my shirt off at the beach, and now I'm organizing a naturist club at my university!

& Friends

My most successful attempts at getting others to go nude with me has been at a clothing-optional sauna in Maine. The ambience there is so relaxed regarding nudity that the women I've taken have almost all tried it very quickly. Usually before going, I tell them that it's c/o and that some nights a lot of people wear clothes and some nights almost no one does. The choice is theirs. Since there is usually a pretty good mixed crowd, very few with a suit on, my friends have chosen to get naked, too. With one, this involved a discussion where we said that we didn't mind being nude in public, but felt weird about seeing each other and agreed to just not look at each other.

One other experience involved the woman who is now my girlfriend. We had been emailing back and forth as she planned a trip. Someone on the Campus-Nude listserve sent a description of Harbin Springs and its URL. I mentioned this to my friend, told her that it sounded interesting, didn't mention that it was c/o, but directed her to the website so she could find out on her own. She did, decided that it sounded interesting, stopped by and said she was the only solo woman there. She kept her sunglasses on for some amount of anonymity, but enjoyed her first public nude experience. Now that we're dating I'm looking forward to taking her to a nude beach.

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